A better rope trick (2013)

In France, it is held to bring bad luck, and possibly even death, to pronounce the word “rope” in a theatre.

(This superstition probably dates back to a time when most theatrical technicians were out-of-work sailors, for whom “la corde” signified an instrument of punishment.)

In 2011, I filmed Aurélie Namur rehearsing her play Le voyage égaré in Paris. A rope plays a large role in both the play, and the film God is in the roots which I made from this material.

In March/April 2013, I presented an installation version of the film at the gallery De Mijlpaal (BE) as part of the exhibition Beyond Art and Design. The installation explores the continuities and contradictions between projected filmic space, and the “real” space of the art gallery, by organising a confrontation between the Super 8 images, and a real rope identical to that seen in the film.