Articles and essays

Writings on vernacular video and the Arab revolutions

“Playing the revolution”, in Video Vortex Reader #2 (INC: Amsterdam, forthcoming, 2020).
(Originally published in French as  "Jouer la révolution" Smala Cinéma, 3, October 2014, 19-22.)

"The proper name of our dispossession: notes on filming the blood of the martyrs of the Arab revolutions", in Beyond the Rhetoric of Pain, edited by Stella Bruzzi and Berenike Jung (Routledge: 2019), 120-136. 

"The Last Broadcast"Found Footage Magazine, 2, 2016, 84-88.

"“Film!”: The Arab revolutions and the filmmaker as amanuensis"Visual Anthropology, 29:3, 2016, 263-277.

“Distorting the pain of others”, in media res, 4 April 2014

"“Game over Mubarak”: the Arab Revolutions and the Gamification of Everyday Life", Fast Capitalism, 11(1), 2014, 23-29.

"The revolution will be uploaded: vernacular video and the Arab Spring"Culture Unbound, Volume 6, 2014, 401–429.  
(An extract from this article was published in a slightly revised form as “Libya: The shadow of the people”, Mada Masr, 18 February 201)

Writings on artistic research (co-authored with Remco Roes)

"Conversations between Interiors",  Journal of Interior Design, 43:1, 2018, 65-77.   

"Until I see your dream in dark skies. About Spaces and Intentions, Bodies real and virtual", IDEA Journal, 2017, 16-47.


Hong Sang-soo, Woman on the Beach, Blaq Out, 2013.  Lectures, 2013 (in French). 

Jacques Guilhaumou, Cartographier la nostalgie. L’utopie concrète de mai 68, Besançon, Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté, 2013. Lectures, 2013. (In French).

“Un rêve tissé par le calcul”. On Mathieu Triclot, Philosophie des jeux vidéo, Paris, Zones, 2011., 2013. (In French).

Creative non-fiction

“Surabaya Jimmy”,  Evergreen Review, 130, spring 2012.

“Where are the soldiers?”, Blueprint Review, 26, December 2010.  (Also available here in French).

Earlier work

Review of Samuel Beckett, Bande et sarabande (traduit de l’anglais et préfacé par Edith Fournier), Paris, Editions de Minuit, 1995. Le Nouveau recueil, 36, septembre-novembre 1995, 163-66. (In French).

“’Mutual render’: Shakespeare et le paradoxe du don” (in French), Prévue, 5, 1994, 103-131.

“Larkin’s ‘conceit’”Critical Survey,
3(1), 1991, 61-70.