(with Laure Cottin Stefanelli)
(CVB Publications, 2019)

In 2018, I shared the Conversation #3 residency, hosted jointly by the CVB and the GSARA, with the French artist and filmmaker Laure Cottin Stefanelli. This publication closed the year we spent in conversation with each other, and with others, around questions of how our filmmaking practices are pursued through and in relation to the body. 

The book is centered on a long conversation between myself and Laure, and also contains conversations with the Alexander technique teachers  Athanase Vettas and Anne Danckaert, the theatre maker Rémy Bertrand, the dancers Natalie Heller and Maria Michalidou, the bodybuilder Jennifer Teuwen, and the artists Xenia Taniko and Tramaine de Senna. The texts are sometimes in French, and sometimes in English.

The residency opened with a presentation of our work at Bozar, and culminated with an exhibition, INNER SENSE: Bodies at work, at the Galerie de l’ERG, at which I presented Seven duets and two solos, along with the photo series Visceral and a series of short improvised films created with Rémy Bertrand and Zootrophic.  Along the way, I also had the opportunity to work with Rémy and with the students at ERG on a workshop which led to a filmed public performance under the title, Les Chaises élastiques

Many thanks to the different institutions that supported us throughout the year, and in particular to Cyril Bibas, Olivier Burlet, Joël Curtz, Xavier Bardon Garcia, Sammy Del Gallo, Chloé Malcotti and Anatole Israel.

Special thanks to Anatole Lachassagne, who designed the book with us.

The book is available for purchase direct from the CVB for EUR 25.