Si j’étais bourgmestre... (2012)

In summer 2012, I was approached by my friend Aurélia van Gucht who is a social worker at the Maison de Quartier Bonnevie in Brussels. She was working with the group ALARM, a group of people who had, or had had, serious housing problems, who had come together not only to help each other, but also to make positive proposals for better public housing policy based on their own experience. She wondered if I would like to make a short video-clip of a theatrical intervention they had recently staged which deserved a wider audience in the run up to the coming municipal elections. The mayor of Molenbeek gave us permission to film in the council chamber, as the members of ALARM present what they would do to alleviate housing scarcity in Brussels if they were elected to office.

This clip was made in collaboration with Virginie Surdej and Bruno Tracq, among others.

My collaboration with the groupe ALARM would continue with Le Parti du rêve de logement...