two thousand walls: a song for Jayyous (2007)

Night. A terrace on a hillside. Children’s voices.
A poem. A song.
A fragment of time, a moment out of time.

Ghostly figures, as if struggling to exist, even here, in their own land.

TWO THOUSAND WALLS (A SONG FOR JAYYOUS), Peter Snowdon (Angleterre, 2006, numérique, 6'30") from Collectif Jeune Cinema on Vimeo.

“In a world saturated with ephemeral TV images and news reports, Two thousand walls (a song for Jayyous) adopts a distinctive and sensitive approach, which avoids the twin traps of aestheticisation and voyeurism. The way in which it brings together different voices and languages within the same confined, interiorised space, demonstrates what an experimental approach can do for the treatment of topical issues.”
(OUSFF jury citation)

Winner, Oblo Underground Short Film Festival 2007.
Honourable mention, Expressions of Nakhba 2008.

Experimental documentary, filmed in the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territories.
With Abdul-Latif, Tamara, Brahim and Arwa Khader, and Rima Essa.
English translations by Nabil Shawkat.

6 minutes, DV, 4:3, mono.

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