We Are Going to Record (2014)
    with Juan Javier Riveira Andìa

Men and women wait in silence, immobilized, while a solitary engineer communes with the unseen gods of stereo recording.

Outtakes from the recording of a CD of traditional songs and music.

Gestures of discomfort and generosity.

Protocols for the collision of two cultures.

Videos: Juan Javier Rivera Andía
Editing: Peter Snowdon
Sound edit: Rémi Gérard
Sound mix: Laurent Martin
Grading: Benoît Delval
Producers: Paul Boutsen, Karen Wyckmans, Gunther Truijen
Produced by Coalface/Het Vervolg

First shown at Het Mijndepot, Waterschei, Belgium, from 3 to 20 October 2013, as part of the installation The Owners of the Land.

International festival premiere: Edinburgh International Film Festival, June 2014.
North American festival premiere: Documentary Fortnight, MoMA, NYC, February 2015.

DV, 4:3, stereo. 11 minutes.

We are going to record is included on the DVD of The Owners of the Land available for purchase from Het Vervolg

The making of the film is described in my essay, We are going to edit a film.